It’s Going To Rain

November 14, 2008



It’s Going To Rain


Elisha was very thirsty; for seven years it had not rained.

Nothing to drink, nothing to eat; there simply was no grain.

But God had promised Elisha, things were about to change,

and people’s lives, because of God, would be totally rearranged.

No more nights of hunger, kids crying themselves to sleep.

God was going to fill their tummies because they’d soon be able to eat.

Biscuits, pancakes, ham and eggs would once again be theirs,

all that they could possibly want, and even enough to share.

But Elisha decided not to wait for the rains to come.

Instead he went to the mountain, and with his prayers begun

to ask the Lord to send the rain as quickly as he can.

Elisha waiting longer wasn’t what the Lord had planned;

he knew that God, in his heart, wanted no one else to die.

That’s why Elisha had to pray, while checking out the sky.

One prayer, two prayers, three prayers, four,

and still a cloud he could not see.
But then after praying seven times, would then a cloud there be?
Sure enough in the distance, from the mountain peak,
a rain cloud the size of a hand, Elisha now would seek.
There it was, plain as day, for all the world to see,
and Elisha ran to warn the people, wet they soon would be.
It wasn’t long, the rains did come, and the grass began to grow,
and even when winter came along, there would then be snow.
Grain for bread and corn to feed all the cows and chickens
that soon would grace all their tables and taste finger lickin’.
Why did Elisha have to pray, even though he heard God say,
it was already going to rain, but no one knew what day?
So could it be that God uses us to open heaven’s door,
so when we pray, the rains can come, and our lives can be restored?
When you know the will of God for your life and others,
don’t wait, gather up, all your sisters and your brothers.
Pray to God, asking him, to do his very wish,
knowing that, in your heart, God will accomplish it.
Remember we’re God’s partners, and we must do our part,
so don’t wait to pray tomorrow, when it’s today that you should start.
Then today the rains can come, and all the blessings that follow.
Why not have them all today instead of waiting for tomorrow?






Jonah, poor Jonah
Jonah, poor Jonah, what a stubborn old soul;
where God was sending him, he refused to go.
In Ninevah, the people were so full of anger and hate,
and going to hell, Jonah thought, should just be their fate,
so he went the other direction, on a great big ship,
thinking he would just lay back, and enjoy the trip.
God being upset with Jonah, had something else in store.
He made plans to reroute Jonah, forcing him ashore.
You see God loved the people of Ninevah, even though they were lost.
He wanted Jonah to share his love, no matter what the cost.
The winds came, the waves came, surely the ship would be lost.
The crew decided Jonah, overboard should be tossed.
Being a sharks dinner, was not, Jonahs desire or wish.
God had mercy on Jonah, by sending him a fish;
not one to be baked or fried, and served on a plate,
but with one, great big gulp, the fish Jonah ate.
Now, Jonah being in his belly, not knowing what to do,
should have listened to God and to his word been true.
After lots of tears and prayers, and a full three days later,
Jonah was starving for beef steak and some taters.
But God was not concerned, just then, with Jonah’s cravings for cow;
He was more interested, in saving Ninevah right now.
Then all of a sudden, the fish realized he was very ill.
He decided to throw up Jonah, since he didn’t have any pills.
With a tummy ache, the fish swam onto shore.
With one huge blah–ah–ah, Jonah was no more.
Can you guess where Jonah landed? Ninevah! That’s right!
And Jonah, being relieved, was very happy that night.
He shared the love of God, with a smile on his face.
Ninevah now ended up being a wonderful place.
All the people accepted Jesus into their hearts.
God blessed each one of them, giving them a brand new start.
So next time God tells Jonah something else to do,
do you think he’ll just say “no”, or to God be true?
Each one of us should learn something from this story:
God only wants our lives to show forth his glory.
Whether it’s preaching, teaching or just simply saying yes,
if you’ll only do this, your life will then be blest.
So to God, never say no, and go the opposite direction,
or like Jonah you will suffer, under God’s corrections.
You may not be swallowed up by a great big fish,
but I guarantee a rescue is what you’ll wish.
You may never be sent to Ninevah, or any place alike,
but before saying no, I would definitely think twice
about when, where and why, and how long it will take
for the Lord to correct your terrible mistake.
So when the winds come and the waves come, so you won’t be lost,
say yes to his voice, no matter what the cost.
Not only will you save yourself a lot of time and stress,
but the lives you touch will be saved and be blessed.




Apples Of Love

November 17, 2008

When I was just a little girl, my favorite thing to do,
was to visit with my grandpa, and it was nothing new,
to spend the day working hard, till we’d both be wet with sweat,
then he’d make us take a break, though we weren’t finished yet.
Grandma watching from a window, noticed us sitting in the shade.
Then before we knew it, she was bringing us lemonade.
In the middle of the summer, with the sun being very hot,
Grandma’s fresh squeezed lemonade always hit the spot.
Then my grandpa without fail, would open up his heart,
sharing stories, words of wealth, he would then begin to start.
I remember one in particular and will not ever forget,
listening to his stories, I’ve proven never to regret.
Just happening to be sitting under our old apple tree
he picked up his hat, from off his head and looked straight down at me.
Without blinking a single eye or even taking a breath,
advice grandpa would proceed to share, concerning life and death.
“You see these apples on the ground? They’re here just for the taken.
If you think they’re not for you, then you are mistaken.
These apples are like choices, that we have to make.
Not all of them are best for you, and those you should not take.
The good ones you can take and eat, they’ll leave you feeling good.
The bad ones, can make you ill and those you never should.
With his hat, in his hand, he carefully began to fill,
it up with all good apples, making sure them, not to spill.
He said they were like blessings that should be treasured and secured,
But to never make, the mistake, of thinking they’re only yours.
Blessings that are not shared, are like the apples that remain,
On the ground, all wrinkled and brown, leaving nasty stains.
But “look at these”. he would say, lifting up his hat,
“beautiful, red and green can you imagine that.
Every bite delicious, simply leaving you wanting more.
Just like the blessings that the Lord has for you in store”.
Offering me an apple, I reached into his hat,
thinking “how can the blessings of the Lord taste much better than that.”
I took a bit and just like he said, the flavor began to swell.
So much so, the desire to share, did me overwhelm.
He taking an apple from his hat, decided to take a bite.
And just like me, the flavor he, could not help but truly like.
So much so, we both knew, that if we did not dare,
give the other just a taste ,it would not at all be fare.
To keep such a wonderful thing, to ourselves, would seem so cruel.
And of course, I remembered, my grandpa’s simple rule.
So I raised mine to him, he lowered his to me,
And as we both took a bite, we were so pleased.
Now with the blessing now complete, we both could simply rest.
Knowing that if we always shared, we truly, would be blest.
Whether it was, just the two of us, or maybe three or four.
Whoever you decide to bless, your blessing would be the more.
So opening up your heart, can be as simple as this fact.
A blessing could be as little, as sharing an apple from a hat.
So that was only one small bite of the blessings grandpa shared,
underneath the apple tree, where he showed me, that he cared,
enough to share Gods loving truths, so in my life I’d be blessed.
If I’d not keep them to myself, but share them with the rest.
He’s been gone now for quite some time, in heaven I am sure,
But his words, still hold true, as I do endure,
to continue passing on his love, and his awesome wealth,
That if applied, to our lives, would guarantee our spiritual health.
To all of those who will partake, by deciding to take a bite.
I attribute it to my grandpa, and his amazing life.
How he chose to spend it , every chance with me,
Which made my favorite, place to be, under our apple tree.
Even though, the last time, I saw him was in a coffin.
In heart and mind, I do find, I’m thinking of him often.
I don’t picture him lying there, being oh so still,
but underneath, our apple tree, as his hat he begins to fill.
The image of his smile, and impression of his touch,
that’s what I remember, and why I miss him so very much.
For missing him I truely do, but not for very long.
For I too will be in heaven , for that’s where I belong.
And If know my grandpa, I do know where He’ll be.
Underneath the tree of life, waiting there for me.

I Remember

November 17, 2008

I remember when I was a little girl, kneeling by my bed,
wondering if Jesus, really heard every word I said.
I would tell him all the things, I had done that day,
because always before going to bed, my mom would make me pray.
So instead of making up some stuff, just to fill the time,
I’d tell God every little thing, about her day and mine.
Even what we had for breakfast, whether eggs or steak.
Not realizing he actually cared, or even could relate.
Then off to school I would go, with my books in hand,
Never, ever thinking twice, about God’s eternal plan.
One day while eating lunch, I met a brand new friend.
All she spoke about was Jesus, and I tried to understand.
As she spoke about how much, he really meant to her,
I felt from deep inside, something begin to stir.
Out of no where, suddenly, tears began to fill my eyes,
As I hung on every word, and was overcome with surprise.
All the things he had done, not just for her, but for me.
While looking deep into her eyes, I suddenly began to see,
that this Jesus wasn’t just, someone’s made up myth,
but he was real, and from God, the ultimate, perfect gift.
I never knew until then, that I was a sinner
and that without his forgiveness, Heaven I could not enter.
Every single word she said, just kept me wanting more,
and wondering what this Jesus, had for me in store.
Then just before the lunch bell rang, saying we had to go,
Reaching for my hand she said, “there’s something you should know.
Asking Jesus into your heart, is a simple thing to do,
and because he loves you so very much, he sent me here to you.”
A hunger inside me began to grow, for all the things she shared.
I couldn’t believe, how that she, could so much for me care.
So right then and there, she began to share, with me the sinners prayer,
while being surrounded by other students, but we didn’t seem to care.
As I repeated after her, as she humbly prayed,
the sins that were in my heart, could no longer stay.
Immediately they were gone, and my heart began to fill,
up with his love and forgiveness, and they began to spill,
over all those who sat around us, they too began to come,
asking us to pray with them, for they too had begun,
to feel his presence oh so strong, but didn’t understand,
that they too had a part, in God’s eternal plan.
All they knew is that in their heart, there was an empty void,
that couldn’t be filled or satisfied by some expensive toy.
So there we all, together prayed, for the Lord to save,
Each and everyone of us, that unforgettable day.
Then suddenly the bell rang, and off each one of us went.
Never, ever to be the same, but by the Lord was sent,
To share his love, with all the those who dare choose to listen,
so they too will come, to confess, and become a Christian.
After going home that day, a lot needed to be said,
welling up inside of me, as I knelt beside my bed.
Thank you Jesus for your love, and for who you are,
For saving and forgiving me, it is the best by far.
Now mother couldn’t believe, the change that came over me.
She simply couldn’t understand, what she began to see.
I was praying all the time, even before we’d eat,
And before coming in the house, I would even wipe my feet.
Doing the dishes every night, without ever being told.
Mom said, “even that alone, was worth it’s weight in gold.
Then suddenly, she finally, could no longer hold it in.
She had to know, what made the change, in me from within.
So I began to share with her, what had been shared with me.
How she too, from her sins, could be totally set free.
My mother couldn’t believe her ears, but she wanted what I had.
Her life had been so very hard, since we lost my dad.
I reassured her, she was the best, but that she too has the need,
For the Lord Jesus Christ, in him she must believe.
More than just saying our prayers, before we go to bed.
It’s our heart and life, that he wants instead.
So we prayed on that day, and her life was changed.
Never, ever to be the same, but totally rearranged.
Then we always prayed together, morning, noon and night.
Not because we had to, but because we new it was right.
Spending time with Jesus, what better thing could we do?
He’s always there waiting, not just for us, but for you.
So if you do not know him, just begin to pray,
And he will come into your heart, and change your life today.


November 17, 2008

The sun came up this morning, just like any other day,
Even though it’s Sunday, in bed I wanted to stay.
But I dragged myself out of bed, and made myself get dressed
To go to church with my family , so we can worship with all the rest.
What is it about Sunday’s that’s so different from the others,
Making it so hard for me, to climb out from beneath the covers.
Monday through Friday, it’s just seems the natural thing to do,
But every Sunday morning I continually hit the snooze.
Just wanting a few more seconds, to lay there in regret,
thinking of not getting up, at least not just quit yet.
I know that God would forgive me, for taking one day off.
He wouldn’t lay a guilt trip on me, making me feel lost.
He understands how I feel and why I am so tired.
And if I slept in on the other days, I’d wined up getting fired.
After all he loves me, and it is the day of rest.
So why can’t I just lie here, feeling at my best?
Instead I have this feeling that there’s something I’m going to miss,
For God always has something for me, and that I can’t resist.
There’s something awesome about the fact, that he wants to meet,
with me every Sunday morning, like it’s some special treat.
How he takes the time to talk to me, at his every chance,
And if given the opportunity, will even join me in a dance.
A dance of praise and worship, where our love is so entwined,
that it’s hard to tell the difference, from his love and mine.
It’s for those brief seconds, where we both have become one,
getting lost in each others presence and sharing in a song,
that I choose to over ride the desire to stay in bed,
because I would much rather, spend the day with him instead.

Have you ever wished, that you never had a brother?
Especially when he’s being mean, and hogging all the covers?
Then when you begin to think, he’s really rather nice,
you remember how he is, and begin to think twice.
What really is the reason, he’s being so nice today?
Maybe I should be more careful, and at a distance from him stay.
Then maybe he won’t squeeze my nose, or even pull my hair.
You would think by now I’m use to it, and never even care.
But life is way to short, to put up with all of this.
I can’t even trust my brother, when he offers me a kiss.
So what should I do, stay hid away, always in my room?
Threatening if he comes near me, to hit him with a broom?
But how do you forget that nosey nose, and those giant ears
and how he doesn’t hesitate to bring my eyes to tears,
by touching me, yelling at me and laughing at me so.
Sometimes I just can’t help but wish that he would turn and go.
After just a day or two or maybe just one other.
I face the fact and realize, I can’t live without my brother.
It’s hard to make up my mind sometimes, he wears so many hats.
But I guess I really do love him, and I should tell him that.
He’s nice one day, mean the next, it’s totally confusing.
It’s as if he has no idea, what on earth he’s doing.
But love is patient, love is kind, never keeping score.
So maybe if I practice this, he’ll torture me no more.
I’ll try being good and kind and maybe even humble.
Even when he’s being a jerk, I’ll try not to stumble.
I’ll try to be faithful, always gentle, practicing self control,
always being true to God’s word and doing as I’m told.
Even if that doesn’t make my brother treat me nice,
I’ll go to bed, knowing God is pleased with me at night.
I know that God has never said the road would not be rough.
Yet I never ever dreamed, it would be this tough.
That’s okay, I’ve learned a lot, about his truth and grace.
How all the rough and tough times, are just part of the race.
So I’ll be true and faithful, and do the best I can,
because I want to be ready, when Jesus comes again.
Heaven without my brother? I can’t even imagine it.
So being upset and angry with him, I will have to quit.
So I will make the choice today, to love God and all others.
And it doesn’t matter how much harder it is, I’ll even love my brother.


November 17, 2008

It’s amazing how life changes so fast.
Nothing the same ever lasts.
So from day to day life’s rearranged
because circumstances are never the same.
Things look hopeful for just awhile.
Then before you know it, things begin to pile,
up to you shoulders, then over your head,
then your life is overcome with dread.
It’s hard to count on anything,
to make plans or even dream.
As soon as things tend to look up,
life offers you a bitter cup.
You try your best not to drink,
but then you desperately being to think,
Maybe this is all they’ll be,
So your forced to sip, just to see.
You end up grasping at whatever you can.
Trying your best just to understand.
Hoping that others will be there for you,
Caring enough to see you through,
All the sorrows and all your pain,
allowing you time for strength to gain.
For sometimes when you think that your strong
The winds of life prove you wrong.
So what do you do when no one is there.
and you’re the only one who seems to care,
enough about the one who needs you the most.
Your doing all you can to draw them as close.
Close to you and to the shadow of the cross.
Knowing if they don’t come, they will be lost.
While others, only think of themselves,
placing their own needs above all else,
Refusing to focus on how blest they are,
They run and distance themselves a far,
off from the desire and needs of others,
Refusing to help their sister and brother.
Life, why is it so terribly hard?
As if it determined by the draw of a card.
Making no sense or having no direction.
For a simple mistake there is no correction
Without loss and true regret
people have a tendency to forget,
just how short life really is,
and how every opportunity that God gives,
is our chance to change others peoples course,
so that in their life they can go forth,
with faith and hope in their fellow man
knowing that through Christ they truly can.
For through his eyes we can see the stars.
They lead us to hope when times seem so dark,
While looking to others just for a spark
In their eyes for just a reason to start,
once again believing there’s a reason to live.
So we should be willing our life to give
to those who are wanting, in need of so much,
that can be received by a simple touch,
A loving word, a smile from our face,
can so much pain from their life erase.
So how in the world can we expect them to grow,
when all we do is simply say no
to all their cries, and their out reached hands?
This I truly do not understand!
When God has placed into our trust,
all his gifts and talents. So we must,
open our hearts and minds to his will.
and all his blessings allow them to spill,
into their lives, so they to can live
A life that they too can begin to give
out of the abundance they have received,
simply because they chose to believe.
Not in themselves, or in the love of others,
but in the love of a Father, who’s blood truly covers,
all of our sins and all of over needs
As long as were open and willing to receive.

Thank You

November 17, 2008

When the night seems to have overtaken,
God find’s a way to send a little light.

When circumstances try to overcome,
He finds a way to encourage.

When the pain seems too great to bare,
He has a way of lightening the load.

Thank you for being His light.
Thank you for being His Words.
Thank you for being His shoulders.

I love you, and am so blessed to have you in my life.